Welcome to our space!

When we moved to Karaikkudi, a vibrant town in the heart of Chettninadu, I was hardly 10 years old. My parents asked around to find a good school for me and Chidambaram Chettiar Girls Higher Secondary School was the definitive answer from all corners.

It was situated in a village called Kottaiyur, a few kilometres away from Karaikkudi and it was managed by a very strict Headmistress names Mrs. Valliammai. It was considered a top school both from academic perspective and discipline.

So, Chidambaram Chettiar School, or CCGHS it was for me and I started in 1984, in the entry grade in that school, the fifth grade, under the very able Ms. Dhanalakshmi.

What wonderful years they were! We were a chatty, energetic class of about 50 girls and we grew together, learning under different teachers, playing Kilithattu, cocoa and other games after school, staging plays and other art events, “speaking to ghosts” on make shift ouija boards and doing other silly things you can only do in a carefree childhood blessedly free of electronics and TV.

So when we met after almost 20 years, it was marvellous to reminisce the gone by era but more importantly I couldn’t help notice how much each of us had grown and had to offer each other and the world.

This blog site will feature the many gems among us and we can hopefully keep this flowing for another 20 or more years….