Gutti Vankaaya(dry brinjal)

20160520_142033This is a andra famous dish.

Brinjal small_8 to 10

Onoin finey chopped _2 big

Coriander leaves finely chopped_1 fist

Chilli powder _2 sp

Garam masala_half sp

Tamarind _ small lemon size

Items to be grinded:

Fried groundnut _1 cup

Garlic _6 to 8

White sesame _1 sp

Coriander seeds _1 sp

Jeera _half sp

Dry Coconut _2 sp(optional)


Add chopped onion , coiander leaves , chilli powder ,garam masala ,grinded items salt in a bowl nd mix well.leave the brinjal stem half. Slit the brinjal  from downwards into 4 portion .stuff the mixture inside the brinjal.In a non stick pan add 4to 5 sp oil add all the brijals nd left over mixture and tamarind water .cook in low flame covered.Turn every 3 mintues.with in 1o to 15 minutes ur dish is ready.serve with hot rice.mix this brinjal with rice nd enjoy.




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